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Mini-interview 8

Resident 9: It’s pretty windy today, huh?

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: What?

Oliver: I said, I guess.

Resident 9: I can’t hear you. Say that again.

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: Come closer. I still can’t hear you.

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: What are you saying?

Oliver: You said it was windy today. I’m agreeing with you.

Resident 9: Say that louder. I can’t hear you over the wind.

Oliver: It’s windy.

Resident 9: What’s windy?

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 9: Yeah. Lots of wind. Did you feel it?

Oliver: No. Did you see anything else?

Resident 9: What?

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