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Oliver Notes

After discussions with Oliver, we have collected some of his documentation as he works on this archiving project.

We really can't recommend that library patrons read this content due to its ambiguous status as an information hazard. But Oliver (and patrons who are assisting him) feel it is more relevant than it appears. We are inclined to believe them.

Please beware of the risks. If you cannot picture the risks, we cannot save you.

If Oliver's context improves the quality of your library experience, then all we ask is that you not stay in this nest for too long. You may not like us, but we will always keep your safety in mind.

Other references to this documentation around the site will not change. If you have any questions or concerns, please let Oliver know. Safely.

Thank you for working with us.

Total file count (at present): 33

Section Title

Note 1

Alternate Title: Noise

Note 4

Alternate Title: Flashlight

Note 7

Alternate Title: Ration

Note 10

Mini-Interview Series, corrected

Note 13

Alternate Title: Data Reports

Note 16

Alternate Title: Sweet

Note 2

Alternate Title: Enjoy

Note 5

Alternate Title: Water Bottle

Note 9

Alternate Title: Bandage

Note 11

Alternate Title: Whistle

Note 14

Alternate Title: Work Orders

Note 17

Alternate Title: Testimonials

Note 3

Alternate Title: Independent

Note 6

Alternate Title: Blanket

Note 8

Alternate Title: [none]

Note 12

Alternate Title: Compass

Note 15

Alternate Title: Hate