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Additional Files

Updated 3/20/22

Updated 4/15/22

The "Un-Monster" project files contained a variety of images and other media.

This page will contain visual reproductions or original photography as necessary.

The content has been deemed safe for public use by our project manager.

Selection 1

Media: Photograph

[Content warning: this picture does include an animal pelt.]


Picture located at this link.

Alt-text: A selection of artifacts contained in the original donation: five flash drives; a memory card; a slide mobile phone dated to approximately 2012; a sand dollar; a claw from an unknown animal (possibly a bear); a compact disc in a plastic case; a pelt from the head of an unknown animal (possibly a fox); and two notebooks which were possibly owned by "Sam". 

Selection 2

Media: Photograph

Picture located at this link.

Alt-text: The cover of a copy of the "Wildland Animals" zine. This is an alternative copy to the zine found in the main collection.

Selection 3

Media: Video

Alt-text: A video of the "'No One's There' Podcast". Staff was notified of this media through an email from a patron. This video has value as a community response and feedback to our ongoing projects. We understand the host's enthusiasm but disagree with his conclusions.

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