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Mini-interview 6

Resident 7: The store is fine. We closed the windows. The wind was all over, but we were okay inside.

Oliver: I’m happy to hear that.

Resident 7: So am I. Everyone is safe here.

Oliver: That's the most important part.

Resident 7: So... you think it's the same—

Oliver: No clue yet.

Resident 7: So our precautions might start showing up all over town.

Oliver: More than they already are. It's unfortunate.

Resident 7: I wish I noticed, told someone sooner. I could make everyone happy and safe.

Oliver: You were the first to notice, I think. It's not your fault. Without you, everyone would be in much more danger. Thank you.

Resident 7: I was just there at the right time.

Oliver: Well, it was extremely helpful for my efforts as well.

Resident 7: Thank you. In return... get something for the nausea.

Oliver: What nausea?

Resident 7: Sam left me a letter. Mostly an apology, then some advice..

Oliver: Can I see that letter?

Resident 7: Absolutely not. It's mine.

Oliver: I'm just trying work with you.

Resident 7: I know.

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