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Mini-interview 3

Resident 3: My ice cream melted.

Oliver: Your ice cream melted?

Resident 3: Yeah, and One Two Tree was gone. It went like -tzewm- and it shrank and it was gone.

[Note: “One Two Tree” is a local edutainment channel broadcast by a television station in the county.]

Oliver: Were your parents home?

Resident 4: No, we were at work. But [child name omitted] was a little naughty. He turned on all the faucets and the shower.

Resident 3: Nuh-uh.

Resident 4: We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when we got home.

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 3: Fishies!

Resident 4: Of course not. [Resident 3] can’t even reach the window. We'll take him to the daycare at Sapdales next time.

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