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Upcoming Events

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No upcoming events

The library is currently closed.

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Past Recurring Events

All events cancelled until further notice

Wildlife Wednesday

Our Life and Science librarian gives a talk every Wednesday. Come learn about our local animal species this week!

Team-building Workshop

We host regular workshops to help teams develop cooperative and collaborative skills. Please reach out to schedule a workshop session!

Tutoring Hours

Our librarians offer daily tutoring and research assistance for high school and college students.

Living Library

Library staff and volunteers from the community offer one-on-one storytelling experiences. Look for us on the first of the month in our brown library t-shirts!

"Give One, Take One" Refill

The "Give One, Take One" box is a popular and easy way to donate a few books to the library. We catalog these items weekly. Look for the gray box at the north entrance!

(currently not accepting donations)

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