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Mini-interview 1

Resident 1: I mean, of course I saw it. I was sweeping sand and dirt off my floor for weeks after that.

Oliver: And what exactly would you say happened last night?

Resident 1: A pipe leaked. The insulation in the floor broke. Some pieces of wood or something were piled on the wall. A damn mess.

Oliver: Is there damage in your room?

Resident 1: No. The three walls are fine. Not even chipped paint. I thought whatever was there would come though the wall for a bit. It didn’t.

Oliver: You only have three walls?

Resident 1: The last one’s mostly a door.

Oliver: I’m sure the library would have some interest in that. But did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 1: Not really.

Mini-interview 10

Oliver [narrating] I touch the door and
I’m home.

[Note: The exact content of this interview is classified as an information hazard and will not be released to our public records.]

Mini-interview 2

Resident 2: I was visiting my friend and I was just going to stay one night over by him, but I’m still here.

Oliver: I’m really sorry about that. I’ll try to help however I can. But what happened around here last night?

Resident 2: I couldn’t quite say. The lights were out. We had some flashlights, so we were okay, but we were scared for a while.

Oliver: Did a pipe leak?

Resident 2: I don’t remember anything like that.

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 2: There were people over there?

Mini-interview 3

Resident 3: My ice cream melted.

Oliver: Your ice cream melted?

Resident 3: Yeah, and One Two Tree was gone. It went like -tzewm- and it shrank and it was gone.

[Note: “One Two Tree” is a local edutainment channel broadcast by a television station in the county.]

Oliver: Were your parents home?

Resident 4: No, we were at work. But [child name omitted] was a little naughty. He turned on all the faucets and the shower.

Resident 3: Nuh-uh.

Resident 4: We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when we got home.

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 3: Fishies!

Resident 4: Of course not. [Resident 3] can’t even reach the window. We'll take him to the daycare at Sapdales next time.

Mini-interview 4

Oliver: Do you want help with that takeout?

Resident 5: No, thanks. I got it.

Resident 5: I don’t know how that tree got in there. It just kept growing. We couldn’t stop it.

Oliver: We?

Resident 5: Never mind.

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 5: Sort of.

Oliver: What do you mean?

Resident 5: Well...

Mini-interview 5

Resident 6: You know as much as I do, Oliver. Keep working.

Oliver: Yes, boss.

Mini-interview 6

Resident 7: The store is fine. We closed the windows. The wind was all over, but we were okay inside.

Oliver: I’m happy to hear that.

Resident 7: So am I. Everyone is safe here.

Oliver: That's the most important part.

Resident 7: So... you think it's the same—

Oliver: No clue yet.

Resident 7: So our precautions might start showing up all over town.

Oliver: More than they already are. It's unfortunate.

Resident 7: I wish I noticed, told someone sooner. I could make everyone happy and safe.

Oliver: You were the first to notice, I think. It's not your fault. Without you, everyone would be in much more danger. Thank you.

Resident 7: I was just there at the right time.

Oliver: Well, it was extremely helpful for my efforts as well.

Resident 7: Thank you. In return... get something for the nausea.

Oliver: What nausea?

Resident 7: Sam left me a letter. Mostly an apology, then some advice..

Oliver: Can I see that letter?

Resident 7: Absolutely not. It's mine.

Oliver: I'm just trying work with you.

Resident 7: I know.

Mini-interview 7

Resident 8: I haven’t seen anyone come out of those rooms since the paramedics. Do paramedics usually leave a call without someone who was injured?

Oliver: Not to my knowledge. Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 8: I didn't see anything. But it sounded like the river. I don't really know those kids, but I wish we could have helped them sooner. Without getting hurt.

Mini-interview 8

Resident 9: It’s pretty windy today, huh?

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: What?

Oliver: I said, I guess.

Resident 9: I can’t hear you. Say that again.

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: Come closer. I still can’t hear you.

Oliver: I guess.

Resident 9: What are you saying?

Oliver: You said it was windy today. I’m agreeing with you.

Resident 9: Say that louder. I can’t hear you over the wind.

Oliver: It’s windy.

Resident 9: What’s windy?

Oliver: Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 9: Yeah. Lots of wind. Did you feel it?

Oliver: No. Did you see anything else?

Resident 9: What?

Mini-interview 9

Resident 10: I’m not opening the door, sorry. We can talk, but I’m not opening the door.

Oliver: Why not?

Resident 10: They’ll lock us all down. I know it.

Oliver: We don’t know that yet.

Resident 10: Sure, you don’t. No one will get out after this. Everyone’s rooted in.

Oliver: Not everyone. Did you see what happened in [Tyler and Sam’s room number]?

Resident 10: I don’t remember anyone leaving except the paramedics. And I’m done talking to you.

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