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From: [name removed]
To: Oliver

Cc: [blank]
Subject: Welcome to the Un-Monster Project!


We thank you for your eagerness to participate in the analysis of this donated material. At last count, there are at least two hundred pages of material to organize, transcribe and upload (though we may have been rounding down hehe). You'll collect everything relevant to the material you can find.


We trust this will keep you busy, so don’t worry about us checking anything after our first pass through the donation. You won't need much help. If you do, our patrons might know something.

You can use whatever resources you think are necessary. Even I can't make much sense of these files.

Who knows? If you get through enough of this stuff in a decent timeframe, we might be able to finagle the budget for a website domain. Wouldn’t that be fun? We haven't had a website in years.

Just don't edit the donation more than you have to.

Enjoy the work,

[name removed]


Head Librarian
Box Elder Public Library

PS the locks are pretty sticky lately. You don't mind being here a while.

enjoy: Text
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