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Created by: [Tyler]


Hi, I'm [Tyler], and this is all about trying to get along with my roommate!

Edit: It isn't going well. This is the only place that keeps everything up to date in real-time. My phone may be compromised, so this is the best way to keep track of everything. In case he comes back.

09-02 blogpost

Sweeping Up Sand

[Note: Despite previous assertions that this post was originally password-protected, further analysis shows it was not.]


We say nothing during the awkward [Note: A specific brand of rideshare] home. [Note: Unable to identify specific driver.] Probably for the best. Not sure how we’re going to pay the bill. But we’re all together. And we’re all home.

Everything’s cleaned up by the time we get into the room, into both rooms now. Everything clean. No water. No dirt. Hardly a sign we were there, except for our stuff. Dishes are clean, too. Maybe this is the [Note: Hazardous information omitted.]

Sam feels lightheaded still. I don’t blame him. We sit around the living room, Sam and I opposite each other, Brandon and Finn between. The first time we’ve all been together and… friendly.

Sam makes some soup. It's really good. We keep an eye on him. We all need to chat the next few days. Figure out what to do next.

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