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09-01 blogpost 7

[Note: Password-protected. And we still can't see what this says. Thanks for helping our patrons with reading this, Oliver.]

We, the four of us, are finally in a room together. Sam and I saw the note on the door.

We don't know where to start.

Sam tries to break the awkward silence. I don't hear what he says. He starts shaking.

Finn approaches, feet barely touching the ground. Sam knocks him across the room.

The air is thick. I smell salt.

Brandon gets to Sam. I get to Finn.

I feel the cold impact as Sam knocks Brandon to the floor, against my back.

I turn, staring Sam in the eye. Finn is behind me. I don't see Finn.

I see Sam, flying across the room, Finn's outstretched hand reaching past me.

Brandon is at Sam's side. He touches Sam's shoulder. They fall apart.

Finn and I catch out breath. Sam looks around, recognizing, mouth sealing itself.

We sit, tired again.

We can do this.

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