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08-30 samnote

Let's make a flood, boys.

Relax. Close your eyes.

Consider the sounds of the air conditioning. Set them aside.
Consider the smells of soap and rust. Set them aside.
Consider the taste of blood from your tongue. Set it aside.
Consider the rough touch of your skin as you sit on the floor. Set it aside.

Find the monster. Giant. Protected. Safe from everything. Hiding.
Bring him down a peg.

The water rises, gets between him and his shield. He shakes. I am right. I was always right. The monster was here.

I raise my hand, reach out to the monster as it grows, closer, larger, swallowing the floor, swallowing the room, everything turning to darkness.

I open my eyes.

Water covers my hand.

I move my hand. The water follows. Back and forth.
I can't help laughing.
I press my hand to the wall. The water spreads from ceiling to floor along the wall.
I pull my hand back. The water follows.

I will hunt.

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