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08-28 samnote

I can't find him. I hear him call my name i hear his footsteps i turn around he's never there so I go to the parking lot and scream at someone in my way when nobody is there when I am in the way I am always in the way aren't I? [sic] I go after whatever I see. I find the gravel. I run until I can't breathe. I hit a tree or something. My nose gushes. I don't care. I don't know where I'm going. Tyler is somewhere I can't go. I go to the river. I find nothing. I find rough rocks smoothed by the water. I can't see anything. The moon is gone. The stars are gone. That watery night is all I have.

I go back to the room. No one knows I'm gone. No one notices the hole in the wall.

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