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08-21 blogpost

[Note: password-protected]

Title: Back to the start

Just to recap for everyone (that isn't Sam):

I wanted to try and make a friend.

My attempt with Sam has been a complete failure. A monster showed up and attacked us. Sam doesn't seem to care.

Finn is working with me to figure out what's going on. I'll figure out what I can do from this point on. I can't go back to Sam's room. I'm with Brandon and Finn for right now.

And no wonder Brandon and Finn don't visit often. I can't think too clearly with the buzzing sound from their air conditioning. Their door is sticky: it doesn't move without a strong pull. And there's a gold-colored goo all over, like hand sanitizer. But I don't know any sweet-smelling hand sanitizers.

A strong detergent and ten minutes of scrubbing don't clean up much of the stuff. I won't say anything about it to Brandon. Or Finn. They're nice. I don't want to ruin that.

Buzzing. Airplanes fly above. Airplanes sound like doors opening. Radio sounds like doors opening. Taking out trash sounds like doors opening. Forwards. Backwards. Away. Sam was never one for the nighttime. I can make this work.

I can hear footsteps in the hallway. We'll probably talk tonight about what to do next.

See you.

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