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08-17 samnote

I put the kettle on the hot stove. I drink tea in the morning now. Tea helps. I don't sleep much, but I can stay awake. I get caught up in myself, but I can calm down. Tyler doesn't like the smell. Fine by me. He doesn't need any.

I pick a fresh lemon with the tea. There's a tree in the back of the complex that drops two dozen or so each morning. We can't get rid of the lemons fast enough. The landlord is clueless and makes as much lemon juice as he can fit in the lounge freezer.

I know that smell. I walk outside, away from Finn's room and a smell of berries. Every room has a smell. Chocolate chip cookies. Metal. Dry erase markers. Hand sanitizer. Cologne. My room is salt, and a little lemon now.

Tyler and I shake a little salt and pepper on everything we eat.

I touch the kettle on the stove and pull my stinging hand away. It doesn't hurt as much as I expect. Nothing stops for me.

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