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08-15 blogpost2

Title: Voice

[Note: password protected]

Everything is not fine.

Sam is upset. I notice it first. I don't know why. He walks around. I try to get out of his way.

Then I hear his footsteps. Squish. Squish. Wet.

Sam, please stop for a second.

He keeps going.

Please, Sam.

He's almost to the bedroom.

Hey, asshole!

He turns to me, low and scowling.

I ask if he hears himself.

He looks down.



"Does that mean I'm—"

I don't know.

"Well, we gotta try this out. So we know for sure."


"Don't you want to see if this is what we think it is."

Of course I do. I always like knowing I'm right.

He pauses.

I don't know if I'm safe in here anymore.

Because I am right. And you know it, don't you? You think a flood showed up out of nowhere and ruined our whole room.

He lurches towards me, scowling.

I said it before. I say it again now. That's impossible.

He screams at me.

Water fills the room up to our ankles.

That's the last thing I remember from last night.

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