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08-12 blogpost

Title: An open letter to my dishwasher

Boy, could we use you.

You seem to only work when you want, which is never after meals. You go running off to wherever you can so you don't have to help clean up the messes you make.

We get soap everywhere when we use the sink.

I use the sink. I clean up. I don't leave dishes out. I don't spill peanut butter everywhere. I don't let the smell of tuna last for days.

I don't totally mind tuna, but that's not the point.

I have to make more of a mess to fix what you discard. You call yourself straightforward. You think that's the good approach. Dirty in, clean out.

But it's not that simple. You don't make the approach that simple. You get distracted when the water level isn't right.

So many of our problems could go away with a few suds.

I'm saying that I can fix the problem quickly, with no stress: leave the dishwasher alone.

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