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08-08 samnote

I am about to go to sleep. Tyler is about to leave.

I close the bedroom door with the lock and flop down on my bed. Not too comfortable. I shuffle a bit most nights so everything feels right.

Not now.

I lean to the right. The left side rises. I push a little more. The bed moves oppositely closer to the ground. Rise. Fall. See saw.

I sit up a little and fall back down. The mattress rattles. There are no springs or anything. What's rattling?

This stupid bed, too?

I lean back.

The bed rockets from under me across the room. Like a banana peel.

Tyler hears and comes in. Tries. Knocks. I grab the bedpost and get back to my feet.

Get in here, Tyler.

The door flies open, Tyler there at me again. Right next to me. Asking. I don't know. It's off-balance or something. I fell off, Tyler. Don't laugh.

I hit my nose. Tyler reeks all of a sudden. I want to rotate or shift or change the bed. This stupid bed.

Tyler examines. Sits and slips, too. Taps the bed all over. Grabs and shifts the bed.

No. Gets me to the foot of the bed. He tosses the sheets aside. Tells me to lift. I still don't see it. Stop ignoring me.

We grab hold. Flip the whole bed over.

Tyler runs his hand up and down. A big bump or something, all across the bottom-now-top of the mattress.

I can't sleep on that, Tyler. I'll stretch all weird.

"Better than losing your balance."

I should have seen this.

I'm fine. You have somewhere to go, don't you?

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