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Employees Only
To all Box Elder Public Library employees who use and update this site (mostly you, Oliver):

Please remember to re-publish the site every time you add something new. We don't want any information lost.


I know you want the pages to connect to each other. You might also want to include keywords so you know what goes where (and what we want to keep a bit more confidential). Italicize or underline them or something. We can find them better that way.

The website will probably have changes as we go, so keep track of them.

Whatever you think is best. I'm still not quite sure how this works. You know how thin our budget's been lately.

Update: Don't go around telling people any page passwords. We don't want passwords and keywords together, especially not on the same page and next to each other. You remember what happened to the intern. I won't have time to double-check the website structure. I trust you. 

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