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Update for June 20th, 2021 to July 20th, 2021

We would like to run an outreach test to understand the viability of Oliver's safe interaction with our patrons. We have decided this is also an opportunity to continue Oliver's community history work in a limited way, with hopes of transition back into more interactive contexts.

Our communication channels (email and chat) are typically limited to weekend activity. We will temporarily change this.

From June 20th to June 25th, the channels will be open and responsive. (9 AM to 9 PM MST)

The channels will then be open but unresponsive until July 17th.

From July 17th to July 20th, the channel will be open and responsive. (9 AM to 9 PM MST) We will retroactively respond to messages sent during the unresponsive period.

If you would like to participate, please submit a community history according to the following prompt: Describe your night sky. 

We will accept your original written and visual works. (Make the work easily transferable via our existing channels.) If you are unsure of what types of work you could submit, refer to the materials in our "Community History" and "Project" pages for guidance.

The more submissions we receive, the more confident we can be in the efficacy of Oliver's safe communication abilities.

Please tag your message or name the subject of the email "Box Elder Night Sky".

We would also encourage you to share your work (if it is not too personal) with other library patrons on social media using the tag: #boxeldernightsky

Sharing your work will not benefit us, as most of our local patrons don't use social media. We will not use tagged work that is not directly sent to us. The tag is for your benefit, so our patrons know that they are not alone.

[Note: This is Oliver. Patrons who send in work may also privately include a properly formatted physical address to receive some old merch I found that we never used. I can't guarantee any Un-Monster updates during the unresponsive period of the test. They're stressing me out.]

If you have any questions about the outreach test, please send them to Oliver using the chat box in the bottom corner of the screen.

If you have any questions for the other staff, please send them using the email box below (or our email if we have already been in contact).

Thank you for your collaboration. #boxeldernightsky 

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Monday - Friday:
Saturday - Sunday:


Box Elder Public Library 
124 Acer Negundo Rd 
Town of Box Elder 
Mojave County, AZ

We are not accepting physical mail of any kind at this location. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by chat.

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Any Questions?

Please double-check our FAQ page and explore the rest of our site to see if your question has already been answered.

You can send a message to our project email here. Oliver will respond on weekends. This is our preferred method.

  • If you would prefer not to email us, you can use the chat button in the lower right corner of the page. Again, Oliver will respond on weekends.

  • If you have any difficulty exploring the site's content, please contact us using chat. We will try to improve your experience as soon as possible. Please be patient: we may ask for feedback to make sure we are accurately co-creating.

Thanks for submitting!

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