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Created by: [Tyler]


Hi, I'm [Tyler], and this is all about trying to get along with my roommate!

Edit: It isn't going well. This is the only place that keeps everything up to date in real-time. My phone may be compromised, so this is the best way to keep track of everything. In case he comes back.

08-20 blogpost1*

Lunch and maybe a new friend

I thank Finn for the sandwich I’m halfway through. The restaurant by the bridge is still open.

“How’s your shoulder?”

I didn’t tell him about that.

How do you know that?

He stares past me, so the memory reappears. “Un-Monster.”

You read my blog.

“Isn’t it good to know what the community is up to?”

I guess. I’m surprised anyone reads it.

“Don’t be.” He nods to my shoulder. “That’s the surprise of the moment.”

I bring my arm close to my chest.

I don’t want to talk about that.

“How long do you expect that to work?”

I take a bite of my sandwich and mumble, “As long as I can make it work.”

Finn chuckles. “You’re not that good of a detective. Sam will find whatever you put online. It’s not difficult.”

I tell Finn he would look good in a deerstalker himself.

“Not one of my best ideas,” he smiles and surrenders. “Speaking of bad ideas, you had a bit too much to drink last night?”

I muster up all the energy I can, nursing a glass of water.


He gazes into my eyes, not through them. “I don’t think so, either.”

I tell Finn that Sam doesn’t want me around.

I can’t tell Finn about that monster. It’s still around. It might go for us next. We’re still only one door away for now.

“Well, you’re safe with me.” He’s reassuring. I feel a little better already.

Does that mean I can crash on your couch?

“Brandon can have the couch. We have two bedrooms.”

I need clothes if I can stay for more than a few days.​

He pauses. His eyes glance above him and he makes arcs in the air with his finger from my left to my right. He stops in recognition like he knows where he is now.​

Finn turns back to me. His smile is back. “That’s easy.”

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