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"Brandon and Finn" Files: 2018


Paper. Can I tell you? I have no friends. I live alone. Brandon says he will move in a few weeks from now. But no one is here.


I am texting you to make sure I have your number. This is Brandon. This is entirely redundant because I am sitting right next to you.
Sent 11:32 AM
[updated 09/05/21]


Brandon, you aren't awake yet, so don't worry about this until you've woken up. I took the dishes out of the dishwasher. I only saw one of your plates and one of your forks. Can we talk?
Sent 05:42 AM
[updated 09/12/21]


The lemon tree outside needs a lot of work. A good exchange today, though. Thirty dozen lemons. About that many scratches on my hands and arms. A higher climb to the top. A lower rent. My head hurts, too.
I get back to my room. No one's there. Head's worse.
I see outside. The geckos climb the outside walls, looking for the warm sunlight. Resting. Sticking.
Where is the floor? I'm there. I'm— 


I dreamt tonight, for the first time in a while. Sheets above and below. A ceiling. A floor. One wall to the left. One wall to the right. One wall behind. Nothing ahead. Such little pieces. Beautiful grass. Stretchy cacti. Sticks of coal. Wires under the floor. Faces. Cold light. Flimsy tiles. I could see the whole place crumbing down. Not surrounding, but a smile I know so well. Until I'm not there. No one is.
[Note: updated 10/02/21]


Hey, Brandon. The power's out, and I need some help. Could you try—
Never mind. It's back on.
Sent 1:21 AM


I have a headache. Every sound in the apartment is so loud. Even Brandon's snoring. And a bird outside or another horrible noise. I don't know what to do. I tried earplugs. I tried music in my earphones. Ear buds? The electronic devices you put in your ear and music plays out of them. 
Give me something and I'll work with it. Just please. Give me something.
[Note: updated 09/05/21]


Sorry, Brandon. You won't read this, but I pushed you too far today. I should have snagged your shoelaces earlier. I tried to get closer to you. I couldn't touch you. I can't help. I'll just go to bed. If you did actually read this, we can try again in the morning if you want. 
[Note: updated 10/09/21]

12-19-18 alt

I went to sleep last night. I just woke up. I'm in the kitchen. Did I sleepwalk?
[Note: updated 08/29/21]

12-23-18 alt

Finn told me to "shut up". I guess I was snoring. I said something. I don't know exactly what. I thought it was "okay". Finn made a sound. It sounded like a radio? I'm sorry. I don't want to bug you, Finn. I don't know what else to expect, though. Good night...
[Note: updated 09/25/21]

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