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"Brandon and Finn"
Files: 1994

package 09-04-1994

[Note: This package was also a part of Brandon's donated files. It included a handwritten letter and a plush te[name of item removed]. The transcription of the letter is below. The document was written on a thin and brittle sheet which received damage upon initial examination by library staff. We have done our best to recreate and decipher it for public access. According to the tag, the toy was licensed by “One Two Tree” and manufactured in 1994, but the manufacturer is unknown.]

[Note: Oliver here. The comment on the paper quality is accurate. Still not sure about this continued talk of deciphering. Figured I’d start my cataloging work closer to the end of the collection. The toy is cute. Other files in the collection confirm the type of toy. I contacted a representative of “One Two Tree”, who mentioned that any plushes with this brand are long out of circulation. I’ve been asked to not include a photo of the toy or other specific details, stuff that is potentially hazardous. Hopefully nothing else is weird like that.]

04 September 1994

Can’t wait to meet you in a few days, [Brandon]! Your mom and I [Note: personal details omitted]. We so hope you arrive happy and healthy. This [toy] makes us think of you. When you’re a little older, maybe it will make you think of us. Someone’s always here for you. Just ask.

Love you more than you can know,

Mom and Dad

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