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Box Elder Public Library

Serving the town of
Box Elder, Arizona
since 1996

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Welcome to our new website!

Box Elder Public Library serves the town of Box Elder in western Arizona.

The library’s mission has stayed consistent since our founding in 1996: to support our community by recording history and promoting literacy. The library is a new development on the archive's campus celebrating 75 years of service at its grand "re-opening" after a 1-year transition period in 1997.

This site extends our work at the library. After an unfortunately long time without a dedicated digital hub, we have started a new website.

Our physical location has closed.

We hope to use the site to stay connected with our patrons.

Please stay tuned as we continue to update the site.

We are working on quality-of-life improvements across the site to make our patron experience more accessible and accurate. Until further notice, this site is most accurately experienced on desktop computer devices, not mobile devices. If links are broken or redirect you somewhere unexpected, please contact us to make sure you are viewing the files as they are stored in our system. Thank you.

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