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09-01 blogpost 5

[Note: Thanks again to Oliver for making any of this decipherable.]

The monster stands over me. I hear his voice. "I thought this was what you wanted. For your blog. Where you tell everyone about how weird and stupid the guy you live with is before you abandon him. 'I need a record at least to show someone else I'm making an effort.' Right?"

My blood runs cold. How does he know that?

"Exactly what effort did you make, Tyler? Besides running away?"

I didn't run away, Sam. You chased me out. You hurt me. More than once. That disqualifies whatever you want. I'm sorry I ever helped you.

The ground breaks under our feet.

Where is he?

Water. Ceiling—surface gone—floor head hard thud—freezing—fading—not quite—blurring—above—around—through. Stand up. Kick—push. Stop. Shark over head—searching. Hide. Shark closer. Hide—hide. Push. Bury. Ache. Ache. Bubble... shark move. Hide. Hide hide. Close. Closing. Touch. Find? Hide—hide—please slow—slow—slow—slow—slow——stopping——stop.
Shark stop.

...I can do this?

I have to get air.

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