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08-21 samnote

I can move my arms well for now. That's it. My legs, my shoulders, like swimming in molasses. I'm dizzy. My head teeters. It's so hot in here. I feel my hands dry out.

I make a pot full of noodles. When it's done, I take a few bites. The pot goes in the fridge. Hopefully, I feel like eating tomorrow.

Someone tries to call me. I don't know the number.

Where is Tyler?

I bet he hates me. I can't keep the apartment safe. I can't keep him safe from this monster after us. I don't know which will come back first. We're both hurt, him more than me. I don't blame him. I'm not exactly my number one fan, either.

Today is quiet. I clean up the stove. I put things right and go back to bed.

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