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08-13 samnote

Ten minutes.

Tyler puts a kettle full of water on the stove and cranks the burner to the highest it can go.

We play a round of rummy. We have no interest in each other's money. Also, we don't have that much money to start with. If I win, he has to go get groceries next. If he wins, who knows?

The highest setting for the burner boils water in the kettle in two minutes, fifty-three seconds.

I expect a rumbling, a bubbling, a something. No.

I expect the kettle to get warmer. A little, then a little more. Not enough.

My turn. Three of a kind jacks.

His turn. Discard.



Five six seven of spades.

Four of spades.


Eight of spades.

Three of a kind twos.

Discard ace of hearts.

Collect. Ace king queen of hearts. Discard.


Discard ten of hearts.

Four of a kind jacks.

I grab his cup, ready for the hot water.

Tyler tells me not to get the cards wet.

That's the least of our worries.

Ten minutes. The water is hot. I touch the kettle with my finger and pull it away before it can burn me. I hear it. I feel it. Nothing is happening.

Tyler gets up, pointing to his ear. He looks at me as he touches the kettle with his palm. Nothing. I get up and pull his hand away. The kettle starts to scream.

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