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08-07 blogpostaudiotranscript

Title: Settling down

Tyler: (calling out to somebody, polite) Okay. Thank you.

(door closes)

T: (to microphone) Now I know for sure Sam is lying. The plumber just left. There is nothing wrong with the pipes. No damage or corrosion or anything like that. He showed me. There's no way water could have gotten out... last week. Gosh, that was last week already. (chuckle) Everything's welded shut. Not even a leak.


T: (to microphone) We just have to try throwing stuff away more than using the garbage disposal. That could clog up the sink. Other than that, nothing.

T: (to microphone) It's just nice to know this thing is going away. Sam will be happy, too.

(Door opens)

Sam: (calling out, singsong) Hello!

(Sam's footsteps, distant)

Tyler: Hey, put your stuff down and relax. I got some good news.

(Footsteps, faint wet sound)

(End of recording)

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