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Transcript of oral history with [anonymous]

Oliver: What do you remember about the morning of September first here?

Anonymous: Oh! I remember. I was on the other side of the building, you know. There was a police officer. I think so. I think he was there all day. We were all locked down. I wrote a little, but I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't go get groceries. I was low on eggs. I go through eggs so quickly. Breakfast every day and all. But the stores always seem to have them. I wonder where the farms are.

Oliver: I mean what was happening around the apartment.

[Note: mention of alienation?]​

Anonymous: And so I was making breakfast. I looked out my window. The officer told me to stay inside. He was out there. I'm not sure anyone else left. And we weren't just cooped up but really cooped up.

Oliver: Do you know what happened to the people next door?

Anonymous: I never met those young men, you know. Moved in recently. Didn't get much of a chance to know them. I don't see anyone from that room nowadays. Everything so quiet around here now. Did you hear Third Street restocked their produce?

Submitted by Oliver W. 01-04-2021. Additional notes 01-29-2021

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